Oxygen Concentrators


DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator

Compact In Design

The NEW DeVilbiss (525) 5 liter Concentrator is compact in design. Sporting almost 70% of its predecessors (DeVilbiss 515) features, including: valves, PC Board/OSD, and compressor design; the compact 525 unit offers compact, robust quality with a generous flow rate of 5LPM.

Advanced Reliability

Suitable for many applications the DeVilbiss concentrator is required to work continuously for many hours a day. Proven through years of experience and testing, DeVilbiss have been able to take all the quality features of the proven 515 unit and put them into a compact yet powerful unit.

Keyport offer first class servicing and maintenance repairs for all DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrators. DeVilbiss Concentrators come with a 5 year Manufacturers conditional warranty for peace of mind. Also if you purchase through Keyport we offer a loan unit while your unit is being serviced, so there is never a time that you will not have a reliable Oxygen Concentrator unit by you side.

Units comply with HCPCS E1390 Specifications



  • Compact in design

  • High flow rate

  • Low physical weight

  • Features

  • Low power consumption

  • Low noise level

  • O2 Purity

  • DeVilbiss OSD

  • Alarms

  • System Check at start up

  • Power failure

  • High Temperature

  • High Pressure

  • Processor Error

  • Low Flow

  • Oxygen Purity

  • OSD Diagnostics self check

  • Warranty

  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty

View of internals

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Oxy Plant
P.S.A. Oxygen Concentrator System

MIM P.S.A high grade oxygen concentrators are specially designed for infrastructural hospital installations. The MIM concentrator delivers high Oxygen concentration levels which are not flow sensitive, at a pressure suitable for existing pipework installations or bottle filling. Analysis by mass spectrograph of gas samples taken from the MIM concentrator consist of 95.5% Oxygen, 4.4% Argon and 0.1% Nitrogen. The quality of gas is suitable for all medical applications including anaesthesia, intensive care and paediatric use.

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