O-Two Medical Technologies Inc. provides a comprehensive range of resuscitation and anesthesia face masks to meet any respiratory requirement. The silicone range includes "Donut" style neonate/infant masks as well as the flanged design of the O-Two Medical Technologies' "Everseal Edge" range. These are ideal anesthesia masks as they will withstand autoclaving. The three sizes of clear PVC, Everseal masks, are ideal for pre-hospital use where disinfection after use is normally undertaken by cold chemical sterilant such as an activated glutaraldehyde or a 10% bleach solution. Where a single-use mask is required, the Disposable Inflated Cuff range meets the users needs with a range of three products with a soft sealing cushion and clear plastic body. All masks have standard 22mm or 15mm (infant/neonate) inlet connectors and they come conveniently packaged in cases of 12 units.

You can view the full O-Two face mask product catalogue here.

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