Theatre and Examination Lights


Sim.LED, the latest in LED technology

Demanding activities require more than just conventional solutions. With innovative Sim.LED operating theatre lights, you can enjoy all of the benefits of the latest LED technology in a uniquely effective package.

One of the technological leaders in the area of LED lighting for operating theatres, SIMEON is also the world's most versatile supplier. At SIMEON, in-depth manufacturing competence - few companies currently produce such quantities of LED lighting - is combined with innovative products. The result is unique reflector technology with the highest performance and best properties. While other manufacturers are still at the drawing board, SIMEON is already supplying pioneering light and system solutions.

Sim.LED 7000/5000

The very latest single-colour white-light LEDs, Simeon's patented reflector technology and the positioning of the LEDs as part of a unique design all lead to more light - and no shadows. Sim.LED offers perfect lighting conditions for any operation. Our surgical lighting offers impressive features such as low heat generation, long lifetime with low power consumption and easy servicing. Sim.LED is also setting standards in hygiene and cleanliness, thanks to its seamless, sealed construction and its scratchproof, easy-to-clean ESG safety glass.

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Sim.LED 4500

The Sim.LED 4500 is the ideal light for out-patient surgery as it appears on the agenda for dental or plastic surgery operations. Despite its compact, space-saving size, this light is always on hand to provide safe, reliable illumination to an ideal depth. However, the Sim.LED 4500 doesn’t just look good – its unbeatable energy efficiency also makes it very attractive from an economical point of view.

Premium materials and a unique design facilitate easy-to-move features, high positioning performance and a very cool working temperature.

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Sim.LED 3500

With surgical light quality, the Sim.LED 3500 offers optimum field of illumination and shadow resolution. This light-weight examination light is highly mobile and offers 60,000 Lux of white light at 1 meter.

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Sim.LED 300

A concentrated cool light offers 45,000 lux output at 1 meter. This maintenance-friendly highly mobile examination light is ideal for all examination situations.

Low cost and versatile

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