Nitric Oxide & Nitrogen Dioxide Monitors



Nitric Oxide (NO) is a medical gas that acts as a selective pulmonary vaso-dilator when used as an inhaled therapy. When introduced into the inspiratory phase of ventilation, Nitric Oxide will 'diffuse from the alveolar gas into the pulmonary vasculature of ventilated lung regions and cause relaxation of pulmonary vascular smooth muscle, thereby decreasing pulmonary hypertension in the presence of increased vascular tone. The resulting selective vaso-dilation causes the diversion of pulmonary artery blood flow towards well-ventilated alveoli, improving arterial oxygenation. The NOxBOX range is designed to deliver and monitor NO therapy.

noxbox plus

The NOxBOX+ is a stand alone sidestream system, monitoring NO and NO2 in the inspiration air delivered to the patient. Audible and visual alarms, digital displays and protection against gas surge and water vapour allow for safe treatment of patients.

noxbox mobile

Fitted with the NOxBOX+, the NOxBOXmobile allows both portable delivery and monitoring of NO. To remove the danger caused by sudden cessation of the therapy in order to renew gas supply, the NOxBOXmobile can accommodate twin NO gas cylinders, ensuring uninterrupted gas flow and safe, continuous treatment of patients.

noxbox 02 small

The next generation in NO monitoring. It is a standalone side stream system which allows accurate, real-time monitoring of NO, NO2 and oxygen (O2). Compact and easy to operate, the unit can be set up and used by non-technical staff.

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