Prestige Autoclaves

The prefect sterilisation partner for you. We supply a range of basic to advanced models with drying cycles such as the Century 3 Advanced to cover every equipment sterilisation situation.

Optima B Class

The science behind Optima's high performance capability of sterilising a full 6 kg load in as little as 22 minutes.

The large capacity yet small footprint makes Optima one of the most efficient autoclaves on the market.

Optima is a Type B vacuum autoclave for the sterilisation of linen, wrapped (pouched), hollow or solid items. The vacuum unit removes all the air from inside the chamber. This process ensures perfect sterilisation every time.


The Prestige Medical Classic offers the most cost effective solution for the world's preferred method of sterilisation and with more than 1 million sold worldwide, you can rely on our reputation for quality and performance.

C3 Advance

The Advance has a worldwide reputation for quality and performance - each unit is fully tested and validated before leaving the UK factory.

It has a much bigger capacity than its competitors, yet one of the smallest footprints on the market. This gives a faster throughput of instruments and therefore improves efficiency and reduces costs, whilst taking up much less valuable space.

Vacuum models also feature a non vacuum cycle for maximum flexibility in use (a vacuum cycle is required for porous, pouched or hollow instruments; a non vacuum cycle is suitable for loose, solid instruments)

Available in 2 sizes: vacuum or non vacuum versions. Printer or data logger option also available.


The appliance for science - professional, safe and affordable.

The requirement for schools and laboratories to sterilize liquids or media requires a unique design of sterilizer.

The Classic Media is a portable machine,fully-automatic and with a simple, one touch operation. Ideally suitable for a variety of laboratory processes, it has a unique built-in safety mechanism that prevents the unit being opened until the temperature inside has fallen to a safe level.

9 or 12 litres capacity models available.


The Zenith is unique - a specified Type 'B' autoclave which has been design specifically for rapid sterilisation of complex, hollow instruments, including dental handpieces.

Posessing the ability to meet the demanding needs of all dental and healthcare professionals, the Zeanith, with its unrivalled speed, flexibility and easy of use, offers the ultimate choice of effective, reliable instrument sterilisation.